Group and Solo dog walking

Dog walking, Group & Solo

Socialisation is an extremely important part of your pups life-skills.  Also work on recall, polite sit and wait, jumping up etc etc.  Even if your dog isn’t ready for group dog walking they can start off with solo dog walks, learning how to correctly interact and behave with other dogs present.  

Group Dog Walks – Offered Mid-week only – your dog or dogs are picked up from your home, safely transported to and from the off lead park.

Walking time minimum 1 hour.  *See conditions.

  • Total duration: approximately 2-3 hours
  • 1 casual walk $40  – for the odd walk, (not weekly regular)
  • 1 regular walk $37 (subsequent week bookings)
  • 3 or more regular walks, $35 per walk (subsequent week booking).
  • Additional dogs per same household $10
  • Add feed after walk $5

*Prices include GST

*Your dog must be well socialised will all dogs, have recall at the park, must be desexed over 7 months of age, have a current C5 vaccination and travel calmly in the car.


Solo Walks  – Dogs are walked on lead from your house or do a little outing to a new park or walkway.  This is the best option for dogs who need to be walked with their family members only or without other dogs.

  • Total duration:  30 minutes or 1 hour
  • Cost: 1 casual walk 30 min: $37
  • Cost: 1 casual walk 1hr: $55
  • Cost: 1 regular walk 30min $35 (subsequent weekly bookings)
  • Cost: 1 regular walk 1hr, $50 (subsequent weekly bookings)
  • Extra dog, same household $10
  • Add feed after walk $5
  • Weekend surcharge $12 per booking
  • Second visit same day attracts 20% discount off the second visit

*Prices include GST.



Areas we offer walking services…..but not limited to……

Albion, Altona North, Braybrook, Brooklyn, Footscray,  Kingsville, Maidstone, Newport, Seddon, South Kingsville, Spotswood, Sunshine, Sunshine West, Yarraville, Williamstown, West Footscray.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

*Prices include GST

Contact us if you are outside these areas for a free quote or referral to another recommended “friends of ours” Business.

See Milo below on his loose lead training walk, what a superstar!  
We started off by teaching him that pulling gets him nowhere however looking at me and checking in will ensure I continue to go forward. It’s a bit like him asking please.  We started with a  harness to, harnesses are for training, and eventually get faded out once the dog understands what we are asking of him.