High five to my Mum!!! – By Bert, written by Ally.

Most of you would already know I went away last weekend for a sleepover with my BFF Angus while my Mum attended a seminar in Bris-Wet-Vegas.  She has added and refreshed skills in what she calls her “dog training tool box”.  This will enable her to further educate our local community especially focusing on  positive, humane dog training techniques, giving Ally and I treats and throwing me the ball.

The seminar covered – fear aggression, separation anxiety and dog dog play.

She came back with a  bigger than normal head, seems she learn’t soooo much and she said she cannot wait to share her skills and the wonderful experience she had learning from the beautiful Nicole Wilde (I really want to meet her someday).  Check out her page below.


So, question is, what training issues would you like help with?

Ally and I will start posting a tip a week on Sunday, it takes me ages to type with big paws as I press everything so Ally helped me with this, we will need a week to prepare such important information for all you wonderful followers.


From Bert…xx

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