We have some very exciting news for 2016.
LLP is starting up a dog training club designed especially for the local community. Please express your interest to – [email protected] with the subject line OBEDIENCE ENQUIRY.
Where, how much and when might you ask?
Where – Location disclosed upon registration.
How much – Cost will be $30 per annum and $5 per session per week. (a donation will go to our local rescue groups). Annual fee can be paid in cash or direct debit. Weekly fee to be paid cash upon arrival.
When – Commencing March 2016, nights yet to be decided. Please express your interest to the above email address along with the nights that suit you.
What does it cover?
$30 – Is the annual fee and it covers yet another wonderful service as explained below.
ID Tags – LLP will provide you with piece of mind should your pet ever get out and you become unreachable. We will give you a numbered tag which will be unique to your dog. That way your dog immediatley becomes identifiable should someone find them and call me.
All you need to do is fill out the form upon registration with your contact details, and emergency contact details and LLP will match up your dog to those details. If in the event your dog gets out and your phone number on your pets ID tag is unreachable, LLP will be there to answer the phone and arrange to get your dog home quickly and safely. Do you know of a dog obedience club that offers that as a service??
The annual fee also covers wonderful trainers and volunteers giving up their time to come along and help better the community. We will also be purchasing some training materials as needed.
Whats free??
A great night to be had by all, and of course being out and about, with you and your dog.
Does this interest you?
Email us now! [email protected]

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  1. I am interested in the dog obedience classes that you are holding. I have a 4 1/2 month old english pointer who has done puppy school but would benefit from obedience classes. Hope to hear from you soon

  2. Hi
    I have an obedient 9 month old german shepherd however i cannot stop her barking when we go on walks and she sees other dogs. Could you help?


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