Rogz Safety Collar

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Rogz Safety Collar

This quick release collar ensures your dog maintains a safer escape if snagged.  They are a preferred choice for any multi-dog household as if in the event they got snagged the stretch would allow the dog to break free.  Also very handy for social dogs in a park/play setting.

Means they can very easily become unattached so long as there isn’t a lead attached.

We love this product and its purpose!

Size Width of Webbing Length
MEDIUM 16mm / 5.8″ 270 – 390mm | 10.5 – 15″
LARGE 20mm / 3.4″ 330 – 480mm | 13 – 19″
X-LARGE 25mm / 1″ 420 – 660mm I 16.5 – 25″

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