Puppy Socialisation/visits

Socialisation is an extremely important part of your pups life-skills.  They learn how to play politely, gain bite inhibition and have calm breaks during play sessions.  Also work on recall, polite sit and wait, jumping up etc etc.

Puppy playgroup – Your puppy is picked up from home, safely transported to and from the off lead park. Interaction time minimum 30mins – 1 hour.

  • Total duration: 1-3 hours
  • 1 regular walk $37 (subsequent week bookings)
  • 3 or more regular walks, $32 per walk (subsequent week booking).
  • 1 casual walk $40  – for the odd walk, (not weekly regular)
  • Add feed after walk $5

* Prices include GST


Puppy visit – for those that aren’t ready for the parks but need to break their day up.  Most puppies will be eating 3 meals a day, which ultimately means lunchtime is a mealtime of which we can’t always physically manage due to work commitments etc.  LLP offer a middle of the day visit to your pup, offering the following services during their visit…  Refreshing water, poop scooping the yard, cleaning up any accidents, play time, a quick walk, a brush, feeding them lunch (or re-stuffing their kongs or food dispensing toys) and of course lots of cuddles.

    • Total duration:  30 minutes
    • Cost: $37

*Prices include GST