A little about me..

Jasmine Franklin, Qualified Dog Trainer with Gentle Dog Trainers Association (GDTA) of Australia 2012. Proudly owned by Ally, 7yr old Cavoodle, Ernie, 1yr old Bernese Mountain Dog, Husband Richard and 1yr old son Harrison.

Always in our hearts and the reason behind Loose Lead Pets the late Bertie, 4yr old Bernese Mountain Dog.

Turtle, 1 yr old rescued small mixed breed who is now in a fur-ever home and moved to New Zealand!Having grown up in New Zealand with a family full of animal lovers and an array of pets varying from dogs, cats, birds to even rabbits… it was perhaps fate that I would choose to make my career one that was filled with the very beings that I loved – Dogs.

After moving to Australia, whilst working in the hospitality industry, I began furthering my interest and love of dogs into a career by completing my dog trainer qualifications with the GDTA at Kintala Club. Whilst working for companies that provide dog walking, pet minding and training, Loose Lead Pets became a dream of mine that I decided to turn into reality.

I only endorse positive reinforcement methods, as extensive research has proven that this is the only successful way forward in dog training and fostering rewarding relationships between dogs and their humans. This is the core belief and principle of Loose Lead Pets.

We also work closely with a local cat and dog rescue group, PAT (Paws and Tails) based also in the inner-west of Melbourne.

I look forward in meeting you and your pets!